Teaching Artist 

Teaching is something I have been very passionate about all throughout my education. I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without the incredible teachers in my life and I hope to inspire the future generation of artists as well. While in undergrad, I interned at the Gamm Theatre in RI - helping as a teachers aid in the Providence elementary school system. I also spent my four years in the student run/student choreographed Dance Club, where I had the privilege of teaching my fellow students original choreography each semester. When I graduated from Providence College, I worked in Nantucket, MA at the Dreamland Children's Theatre serving as their Choreographer and Assistant Director for all of their programing.  In that following year, I continued working at the Gamm and also at Trinity Rep as a Teaching Artist and Director/Choreographer. I worked in their school day, after-school, and summer programs.

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