Little Shop of Horrors - Lyric Stage Company of Boston 

[Costumes: Marian Bertone, Puppet: Cameron McEachern, photo: Mark Howard.]

"For New Faces, A Key Role in 2019" - Featured article in the Boston Globe 

As for Pavao, she is terrific. The actress draws laughs as Audrey one moment and tears the audience’s heart out the next. When she performs “Somewhere That’s Green,’’ a song of simple yearning for a life in suburbia by a woman whose self-esteem has been shredded by a string of bad relationships, Pavao generates such concentrated emotional force that you could hear a pin drop in the theater. – The Boston Globe, Little Shop of Horrors, Lyric Stage of Boston


“Suffice it to say that Pavao alone is worth the price of admission; her Audrey is plain priceless…” – South Shore CriticLittle Shop of Horrors, Lyric Stage of Boston


“She brings a depth to her character that transcends the comedy. Yes, she is quite funny, but also a very sympathetic character. It would be easy to play Audrey as a ditz, but Ms Pavao takes it much further and displays wonderful talent. This is her Audrey.” – Boxing Over BroadwayLittle Shop of Horrors, Lyric Stage of Boston.

Kiss of The Spiderwoman _ Lyric Stage of Boston 

“As Valentin’s girlfriend, Katrina Zofia is a standout in a solid supporting cast” - The Boston Globe.

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